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Bloomstream Flowers are the work of Rebecca Withers, a one-time food writer and former owner of Embellishments of the Flowering Kind, a boutique florist serving Austin, Texas, in the 1990s. 

Bloomstream’s style is informed by the 4 ½ years Rebecca spent living in Paris. Awed by the simple beauty of choosing flowers at open air markets and carrying home newsprint-wrapped bouquets to share, Rebecca brings a European flair to her flower business in Santa Fe. 

Bloomstream is built on the legacy of Blumen Kenner Exquisite Flowers, and Bloomstream's creative bouquets and stunning floral art finds its way into Santa Fe’s hotels, cultural events, and the homes of private clients, including the Santa Fe Opera, the Lensic Theater, Anchorum/St. Vincent, and LongView Asset Management. Bloomstream is also the perfect florist for creative brides & grooms seeking a unique look for their wedding day. 

Rebecca always searches for the most original blooms, pods and foliage to create floral arrangements that stand out from the norm and designs flowers with great attention to a client’s specific wishes, adding lots of love, fun, and joy to the creation process. 

© 2022 by Bloomstream

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